Posted on 2020. 4. 29


Are you safe from viruses?😢😢

Humanity is exposed to various diseases due to viruses.😢
But you can overcome the virus more easily than you think.
“Clean hands” emphasized by many experts.👐👐
And many people are looking for hand sanitizer and indeed hand sanitizers sales well.

Are they enough to protect us?🤔
Aren’t those gel heavy
to carry all day?
Are those gel keep high ethanol contents?
Aren’t those gel make your hands dry?
Aren’t those gel smell bad?
Are those gel certified and safe for you?

“Cellskin hand pine gel is different”👍

Cellskin hand pine gel is,
-it contains 70% Ethanol, optimized for Sanitizer,
-kept in safe by 4 layers of metal coating.
-Non-sticky and refreshing GEL Type.
-Tea tree oil keeps your hands moisturized.🌿
-It is cosmetics. Cosmetic cover alcohol smell😤
-Disposable & light hygiene Pouch Style Packaging
-Easy and Hygiene for everyone, every time, everywhere without Water and Soap
-Got - FDA, CPNP, CE.🤓🤓

Let's overcome COVID-19 with Cellskin & Weero👍
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